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I have over a decade of experience in graphic design, in addition to a graduate degree in Integrated Design from an Israeli academy. This period mostly dealt with print, including my time as the Art Director of an ad agency and a daily newspaper. In recent years I’ve been freelancing and designing for all media. The combination of my decade-long rich experience and the extensive education I’ve acquired in the design industry allows me to develop quick yet comprehensive solutions to benefit my clients’ success.

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In the past several years I have successfully established a studio for a new and interesting field, scientific design. My work largely included website design, presentations, posters, and scientific drawings. Beforehand, I worked as a graphic designer at a lighting and interior design company for about a year, where I rendered graphics services, mostly in online print and marketing in these two media.
During the four years before that time, I worked as a graphic designer at a large Israeli daily newspaper, where I designed the daily newspaper and the weekly supplements. In my first position, I was an Art Director at a large ad agency in Tel Aviv.

  • Time management, team work and management, high interpersonal communication capabilities.

  • Can work under deadlines and meticulously work on extensive problem-solving and processes.

  • Can perform in-depth research and separate the wheat from the chaff.

  • High art direction, typography and design project management capabilities

  • Full command of Adobe Creative Cloud (mainly print software)

  • Full command of Office programs

  • Practical knowledge of HTML, CSS, WIX, WORDPRESS; partial command of interface design software

  • General understanding of marketing and particular understanding of social networks.


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